Fun Boy Vest

I just though it would be fun to add color to my sons church clothes. It seems they are just set for life wearing black or blue…and maybe some color in a tie. I’m really excited how they turned out and they look super cute on my boys. I will be making more in the future for sure!

Small Boys Vest

Large Boys Vest

My son is going to be a Dragon

I know what it looks like, but he is cute anyways.

I thought it would be fun to have my son be a dragon for halloween I found a pattern for the dragon tail at and then I found my wing pattern at I’m so excited that these ladies gave up there time and energy to make such cute things. My Son loves wearing them everywhere!

My Cute Little Dirty Dragon

Holiday Card of Joy

Photo Card
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Reupolster Chair

This is my first Reupolster project I’m super excited on how it turned out. I love how it looks in my living room and of course it comfy. I have to admit the I will not be doing a reupolster project any time soon.