Yes I’m thinking about Christmas Already

Pillow Forms

Finished Chair

Since I decided that I would try to make part of our Christmas gift for my children I needed to start early. I remembered a chair pattern my mom made for my sisters children one Christmas and thought it would be so much fun to make. The pattern I finally found it, its a McCalls Home Decorating 9665. In the pattern it shows you how to make the pillow forms to stuff the chair and also the chair cover itself. It will be really easy to take the chair apart and throw it into the washer when it gets dirty. It only cost me about $30 dollars to make these since my mom had the pattern, I had the Fun colorful fabric laying around just waiting to be used. I took my moms pile of stuffing bags to fill most of the pillow forms and then I went to Joanns and pick up 6 bags of shredded foam for the seat of the chair. Now I just have to wait until christmas to see the happy faces when they sit in there very own chair. Now what will I make next?


Making the Move to Cloth Diapering

I decided a couple of months back to make my own cloth diapers for my children. I felt was spending a lot of money on diposable diapers, I am not a big fan on how they smell. I researched online for the best option on cloth diapering. I read a lot of blogs and sites that sale diapers and material. After researching all the fabric options I used a White PUL as the outer fabric a really soft Bamboo Fleece as the inner fabric and Zorb for the soaking inserts. I ordered my Fabric from which has all the fabric you can think of for cloth diapers. I found a pattern and book of instructions at my local Joanns Store Called “Cloth Diapers Made Easy” by Babyville Boutique. I made a pocket diaper since that was the one that appealed to me the most, I have not be disappointed. I am so glad that I have made the change over, feeling so much better about what I’m putting on my childrens bottom.

Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diaper

Halloween Decoration

I purchased this entry table at a yard sale this summer and I am super excited that I did. It has given me a place to put decorations that are almost out of the way of my kids, plus it look great for those that come and visit. Here is what I did for Halloween. I got the Sock Skeleton idea from there were really easy and fun to do. I had the spider web fabric hanging around and added scallops and fringe to the edge…it turned out fun and added the Halloween feel to our home.