Infant Suit Roper

During the months before Christmas my Mom asked me to make vests for all the grandchildren, since both my children are boys I was more then willing. While making those vest I had inspiration to make a Infant Suit Roper for my sisters baby boy that is due at the end of January. I used and Easy McCall’s Pattern 5153 of Infant ropers and started modifying with tracing paper. I had to add the pants look by cutting the pattern in half and adding seams allowances on both connecting ends. I used an adult blue dress shirt to make the top part which turned out pretty good, I wish I was good enough to be able to have added a collar. On the the vest I used a major modification of the Simplicity pattern 4762. I actually attached the vest top and sides to the Roper so there was only a one piece garment for easy putting on and taking off.

On the back you can see I put the back of the vest on the outfit to really have it look complete. I had some stress putting this together but I love how it turn out. I really wish I would have had this idea when my little boys were younger. I probably will be making more for other baby boys coming into the family until then I have time to modify and make it even better.



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