All Suited Up

At first when I decided to use this fabric (it was all I had in my stuff that would work for boys coats) I wasn’t really sure if they would work with the other suit items I have made. But I have totally fell in love with them when I put them on my boys. These coat look fantastic with a suit or jeans and a T-shirt.

These are my boys that I just Love trying to find items to sew for them. Every time we had a fancier event to go to my sons would look terrible until I found a few patterns and fabric to make them look handsome.

I had to bribe my son with a Grahm Cracker so he wouldn’t cry through the photo shoot.

I really love how handsome my older son is with his long coat and british style cap.

I had so much fun making the Vests, Pants, Coats and Hat to help my sons feel like we are going somewhere special everytime we step out of the house.

I used a Simplicity Pattern 2526 for the Coat making a few modifications.

I purchase Dritz Half Ball Cover Buttons 3/4 of inch big and covered them with the same fabric as the coat.

This is where I made adjustments in the pattern, I lined the inside of the coat with black fabric to give it that finished professional look.

To make the coat warmer since I didn’t use fleece on the outside I attached it inside the coat inbetween the outside fabric and the Black lining. To make sure the fleece didn’t move while sewing I used Elmers Craft Bond Spray Adhesive. I did this with the sleeves, front and back of the coat. It has made it warm enough to wear during the winter and light enough to during the spring.

I also used Simplicity Pattern 2526 to make this hat using a black fleece faric for the outside and lining of the hat. I stablized the hat by sewing a canvas fabric between the main fabric and lining again useing the Elmers Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to help stay in play during sewing. I also added in a fun fabric on the band to make my son shine to it that much more.

I also have loved vest and to make them for my boys has been alot of fun. I used another Simplicity pattern 4762 it has both boys and men vests. I used a suiting fabric for the front and a regular black lining fabric for the back. I feel that my boys look handsome and sleek in these vests.

I used the Simiplicity pattern 2526 the same as the coat and the hat to make these really simple suit pants. I used a suiting fabric and iron in the crease line to make them look like men suit pants. I made it really easy on myself by just using elastic for the waist.